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Domain Renewal Phishing

You’ve probably seen the letter or email.

“You’re domain is coming up for renewal” on MM/DD/YY.


Please please disregard these phishing schemes. Your domain registrar will not send you a letter to renew your domain. Domains are as digital as you can get. You’ve bought your domain through a company such as GoDaddy, 1and1, RackSpace, etc. which is where your renewal prompt will come from. Most likely in the form of an obvious email from their domain department or a admin dashboard where you manage your domains.

Generally domains are set to auto-renew. The registrar will want to keep your business and setting the domain up in this manner means if you do nothing it rolls over for another year, maybe longer.

The true registrar will most definitely let you know when a domain is about to expire so they can charge for another year.

Please pass this along. I get multiple calls from clients each year who are wondering if I’m letting their domain expire.