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Online Backups

Are you worried about your files being lost in the event your PC crashes? Well you’re not alone. We use our computers for many many things, and most of those are important to us. Photos of that first birthday party, video from your honeymoon cruise and tax returns are all items you’d find on a normal PC. So how do you keep all of these items safe? Online backups. One of my favorite online backup programs is Carbonite.

How it Works

After installation, Carbonite scans the hard disk looking for files to back up. Carbonite automatically backs up all file types except executables (such as .exe and .dll), system files, temporary files and video files. However, any of the excluded file types can be manually added to the backup by right-clicking on the file and selecting “Back this up” from the Carbonite menu. Upon setup, Carbonite offers a wide array of options for customizing your backup, but 95% of Carbonite users prefer to stick with the default settings.

In the default settings, dots on files and folders show their backup status in a glance. A green dot on a file or folder means it is selected for backup and that the backup copy is up-to-date. A yellow dot means that the file or folder is selected for backup but awaiting backup because it is either new or has been modified since the last backup. A green dot with a hole in the center (a “green donut”) on a folder means that the folder’s backup is up-to-date, but there are some files in the folder which are not selected for backup. If a file or folder has no dot, it means it is not selected for backup.

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