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Online MS Suite

In several of my classes I have mentioned that there is a free way to use Word, Excel, etc., online. To be able to use this you will first need to setup a free (or email address.

To do this browse to and register for a free account. Since this will probably not be your first email address you may want to consider using the same email name as your other email addresses.

tip-iconI use mtwhite02 wherever I can. So I have mtwhite02 at both Gmail and Outlook.


Once you have the account setup you can now login. At the top left corner of the screen you have a menu which includes the following applications.


Outlook – your email client
People – your contacts associated with this email account
Calendar – calendar or appointments/events for this email account
OneDrive – online storage (space available depends on several parameters)
Word – word processor
Excel – spreadsheet program
PowerPoint – slide show/presentation application
OneNote – note taking application
Sway – similar to PowerPoint – a presentation tool
Office Online – the online portal to Office 365

All of these items are free to use. All you will need is access to the web where you can navigate to the address and can be used anywhere. Your documents and files created within this suite are stored in OneDrive for easy access.